Light and Romantic Dessert for Two

by Dana Boyle on June 10, 2011

It’s summertime and in the heat over the past week I didn’t want to heat up the house to make anything for dessert, and I was sick of ice cream.  Yes, I know…sick of ice cream.  I had a flash of genius wondering if I could put together a quick trifle with whatever I had in the house, and sure enough, I had ingredients that could make a quick layered and creamy dessert.

I took out my trifle bowl (you can use any bowl, really, but these look cool).  Then I made vanilla pudding.  I’m not gonna give you a recipe, because I used the instant Jell-0 kind, but there are tons of recipes out there if you have an aversion to instant or packaged pudding.  That would have defeated the no-heating up the kitchen idea.  It’s instant, so it set up fast.  Before it was fully set up and still a little liquidy, I poured about 1/3 of it on the bottom of my trifle bowl.

Then I took out a fresh box of graham crackers, plain ones.  We had those, and we had lady fingers.  You can use any kind of plain, dipping cookie you have.  It could be wafers, shortbreads, sugar cookies, whatever.  I broke them up and layered them on top of the pudding in the bowl.  Then I added another layer of pudding, the rest of it.  If you want a bigger dessert for more people, you can add another layer of cookies, more pudding…to fill the bowl.

Then I topped it with cool whip.  If you hate cool whip, or want something fresher – and sometimes I do, you can whip up some actual cream or use the stuff out of a can, but it’ll lose it’s fluffiness quickly so serve it immediately if you go that route.

Finally, I sprinkled on a little cinnamon sugar for color on top, and crumbled some slivered almonds for garnish and extra nutty flavor and texture.  Then I put it in the fridge, covered for an hour just so the graham crackers would soak up the pudding and have a more pudding like consistency when we finally got to eat dessert.

I served our dessert in long stem margarita glasses.  It was soooo good!   We did have plenty for another serving the next day, and I think I might have had another serving the day after that.

Super easy way to serve dessert that looks a little romantic if you’re having that special someone over or just sharing a treat with your honey after a long, hot day.

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