25 Things That Make Me Happy

by Dana Boyle on December 15, 2011

My friend Tia first inspired me to write about twenty-five things I can think of that make me happy, without tying them to money in any way. This is a great vibe-booster exercise for anyone. If you’re feeling less that excited about life, my first “homework” assignment to you is always going to be gratitude.
When we can step into a space of appreciation for the things around us, no matter where we are in life and where we want to go, things just seem to go a little more smoothly.So, here goes, I’m going to write completely random things that make me happy, no order of significance and just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it’s not included in what makes me happy. Way more than 25 things make me happy!

1) The sun coming up in the morning, especially the rays that peek through the blinds and shine a little too brightly on my face.
2) The sound of my niece’s laugh at a year old.
3) That my dogs reflect my vibe back to me, because they let me know when I’m taking things just a little too seriously.
4) My nieces.
5) Flowers, especially the ones David brings for me.
6) Birds singing in the yard, even if it wakes me up in the morning.
7) The smell that’s in the air when it first starts raining.
8) The color yellow.
9) Bumble bees in my garden that buzz around as I water, avoiding the splashes.
10) The way my Border Collie, Luther, catches a frisbee perfectly every time, since he was weeks old.
11) The black circles around my Cattle Dog, Laney’s eyes…she gets whatever she wants because of them!
12) Candles.
13) Cooking a great meal to share.
14) Driving stick.
15) That my parents say they love me every time I talk to them.
16) Inspiring others.
17) The smell of coffee brewing.
18) Snuggling with David.
19) Fresh, crusty bread.
20) Chocolate, in almost anything or by itself, especially dark chocolate.
21) The sound of waves hitting the sand and breakwater.
22) The way the sun dances on the water.
23) A full moon.
24) Waking up very comfy in my bed and peeking at the clock to see I have hours left to sleep.
25) The way 70 degrees feels on my skin outside.

That’s a start. How about you? I bet you could list 25 different things every day and it wouldn’t get tough for a while. Give it a try and see how it boosts your happiness quotient. The added bonus is that what you focus on in life shows up more, so you are already on the road to creating more happiness when you can appreciate the happiness you already have.

You can try this with specific subjects as well. Say you are feeling down about your relationship. List 25 or 15 or 5 things every day that make you happy about your relationship or your mate. Same thing with your body, your job, your house, your family, you name it.

I bet you if you do that every day for even a week, whatever it is you’re loving on will improve!  Try it for a month for some true magic.

Here’s to the simple things that bring us happiness!

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