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by Dana Boyle on February 9, 2012

On Valentine’s Day, I’m offering you a FREE class that’ll be fun and will spice up your love life, wherever it is now.

Did you notice I said, FREE?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012



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Vision Boards are powerful creation tools.  They are a great way to visualize what it is you want to create in your life.  Creating a vision board with images and words that help you visualize your ideal desire and then placing your vision board where you will see it on a daily basis will help you visualize it repeatedly.  Visualizing what you want with that kind of detail helps you feel how you might feel when you have the thing you want.

When we feel the way we feel when we’ll have the thing we want, we activate that vibration.  We are all made up of atoms, and those atoms vibrate.  Our spiritual energy vibrates based on how we are feeling, at slower and faster or higher and lower frequencies.  When we match up with the frequency of the thing we want, we’re that much closer to allowing it into our lives.

I’ll talk more about this in class.

So how can a vision board spice up your love life?

Just like anything else you want to create in your life, if you set up a vision board with images and words that will help you visualize the love you want, you are more likely to allow it to come in to your life.

You can create a vision board for dating, breaking up, improving your current relationship or marriage, taking your relationship to the next level whether that’s moving in or getting engaged or married, or getting through a divorce peacefully.

I’ll show you how.

I’ve created vision boards for starting my own business, for classes I want to put out, for having a family with my husband, for moving to a new house, you name it!

When I created my first love vision board, it was before I met my husband, but I chose to set it up for the end goal I wanted.  I wanted to find the perfect man for me and get married.  So my vision board theme was courtship through marriage.  I had a cute couple on some dates.  I had a man proposing to a woman.  I had a just married car with the man putting the woman in the car.  I had some wedding images.  I had the words chivalry, love, commitment, etc on my board.  I had my absolute favorite kind of engagement ring in several spots.  It was really beautiful to look at and imagine happening to me.

Well, wouldn’t you know, I met David, had that beautiful courtship filled with roses and romantic dates.  We got along great and became very close, and he proposed after 3 years just how the vision board seemed to lay it out, and with the exact kind of ring I had on my board!  Our wedding was intimate and elegant just like my vision board images, and my husband was grateful that I knew how to put it together so perfectly in just 8 weeks.  (Yes, when he proposed we married just 8 weeks later…but I had no trouble putting our wedding together fast because it had already been on my vision board.)  :)

Ready to take an intro class on vision board making for your love life?

Email me at to get in on the fun!

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