What People Are Saying About Me

Sensitive.  Intelligent.  Decisive.  Open.  Understanding.  Sense of Humor.  Intuitive.  Upbeat.  No-Nonsense.  Loyal.  Determined.  Energetic.  Professional.  Warm.

Hi Dana, I know that we have never met but I would like to thank you. As you can probably see in my name that my last name is “Olson”. You are a friend of Jeremy’s (my now husband). First and foremost I would like to thank you for giving Jeremy a legal voice when we had our issues regarding our son Anthony. If it were not for you I think that I would have made a terrible mistake and wouldnt be where I am today. It just happens to be Anthony’s bday today and it got me thinking about 7 years ago, and how things could have turned out a lot different than they are today. Truthfully Im not sure I could have went through with giving Anthony up for adoption but I do know that I was in a very bad place in life and felt I had no way of making things “right”. None the less I think that GOD had a bigger plan for my life than I had for myself. Me and Jeremy got married in April and are happier than ever and I know that has a lot to do with you helping him out. Again, thank you so much :) I don’t think I will ever be able to express how truly thankful I am for what you did to help this now very happy family.

~ Sara, opposing side in a family law matter

Dana is a great listener who made me feel safe to explore and get to the heart of the matter.  She takes a “from the heart” approach to things and has an empathetic way of showing she understands.  She has a lively sense of humor that helps her connect with people, cut tension and get things done.  I feel safe, happy and heard when I work with her.  She is good at making me feel that I can do anything.

~Jo Ann, semi-retired, client~ Sara, opposing side in a family law matter

Dana is very open-minded in her judgment and critical thinking.  She has a wonderful balance of social versus personal intelligence.  She is diplomatic, conscientious and sincere in her dealings with clients and with opposing parties.  She knows when to interject her sense of humor to ease tension in a situation.  When I was Dana’s client I felt heard and understood, especially because she’s good at asking for clarification, restating things to make sure they are clarified, and being patient and thorough when important decisions are called for.  I always felt as if Dana genuinely liked how she was spending her time when she worked with me.  I was immediately comfortable working with her, mainly because Dana shared my view of divorce and family values, and because she made it clear that she was on my team.

~Jamie, Corporate Owner, client

She’s intelligent, articulate and insightful; bright, fun and sensitive; loyal, committed, and tolerant.  She’s a philosopher that merges the spiritual with the practical.  I feel accepted, stimulated and energized after time spent with Dana.  She’s happy, light and playful.

~Lori, Master Coach, mentor and friend

Dana is one of those people who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind no matter who she is dealing with.  She’s able to deal with sad and difficult situations with compassion and without judgment.  She perseveres through difficult times in her own personal life and functions well under pressure.  She is determined, self-aware and decisive.  When we’re together I feel happy and engaged.

Dana, Lawyer, longtime friend

Dana has a passion for lifetime learning.  She portrays confidence and she has genuine love for people around her and for helping them.  She’s knowledgeable, a real go-getter, and is efficient at multi-tasking.  When I interact with Dana I feel warm, like I’m connecting with someone who really cares about me.

~Dawn, Wedding Planner, childhood friend

If I had to describe Dana’s top three strengths, they are definitely clarity (focus), determination and decisiveness.  She knows what she wants.  She is transparent, open and she has a graceful ability to blend linear reasoning and logic with intuition.  In my interactions with Dana, I have felt honored.  She is fully present and listening while being firmly footed in who she is.  She does that better than anyone I know.

~Frank, Business Owner, colleague and friend

Dana is honest, determined and outgoing!  She talks to anyone and loves to encourage people – that’s how we met.  I truly enjoy any time I spend with Dana and I could talk with her for hours, even after long periods of time apart.  We pick up right where we left off and laugh for hours.

~Sylwia, Church Manager & Minister, best friend

The first thought that flashed through my mind when I thought of Dana’s qualities was her “cut the crap,” no-nonsense, no BS attitude that I highly value.  She is caring, very human and warm, but with firm boundaries.  She doesn’t seem to lose herself in giving to others.  I would identify her as independent, definitely her own person, and professional.  When I interact with her, I feel understood without any judgment even when Dana’s values differ from mine.  She doesn’t make an issue out of our differences.  I like that very much about her.

~Mia, Editor, colleague & friend