Child Custody & Placement

I have extensive experience dealing with complex child custody and placement matters in Kenosha and Racine counties, as well as dealing with the professionals who are involved in those matters (GALs, child experts, social workers and child support attorneys).

If you and the child’s other parent can not agree on placement and custody, even after mediation, a guardian ad litem will be appointed to make recommendations to the court regarding the best interests of your child.  Once that happens, you can still enter into an agreement together and resolve your case but, if you do not, the fate of your children will rest in the hands of GALs, experts and, ultimately, the court.  While they have your child’s best interest at heart, if you and your co-parent can communicate with respect, you know what is best for your child better than anyone else and should attempt to make those decisions short of going to court.




Examples of a few of my cases:

I successfully helped a father keep his children in the state of Wisconsin, despite the mother making compelling arguments to the court in her request to move them out of state with her.  She had been the primary parent until she decided she could just pack them up and move hundreds of miles away for a new relationship – and she did have a new job and resources there, including good schools and some relatives.  I was able to convey to the court that the children would be harmed by being taken away from what they know, their support system, their school, and their father who was very involved in their lives on a daily basis.

I was successful in helping a father keep a baby who was going to be put up for adoption without his consent by the mother who he was not married to.  She was young, scared and without resources.  He was heartbroken at the thought that he would have a child out there somewhere who he wanted, but was denied the right to raise.  Fortunately, after his rights were affirmed by the court, the mother changed heart and they are now happily married raising their son together.

I successfully helped a mother limit the father’s placement to supervised placement of a very limited nature after the father had nothing to do with the child for his entire life until the state sued him for support.  He asked for termination of his rights, and when they would not terminate, he decided he wanted his “rights” if he had to pay.  The child did not know him, he had a violent history, and now that mother can sleep at night knowing she doesn’t have to share her child half of the time with someone who didn’t want anything to do with him until it meant a dent in his paycheck and who has demonstrated that he has some anger issues that have caused him legal troubles.  She was so relieved not to have to hand her child off and watch him cry as a stranger had placement with him, without supervision.

I have worked through heated and litigated child placement issues involving supervised placement, addiction issues, abuse issues, and parents who just can’t get along and want to use the children to hurt one another.  I much prefer working with parents who put their kids first, but I am also happy to help parents who have that mindset and are up against a parent on the other side who isn’t putting the child first.

I do not tolerate parents who come to me and are clearly trying to hurt their ex by using the child to do so.  If I can see that in your demeanor or motive, I will advise you accordingly.  If you disagree with me on this issue, I am not the right attorney for you.