Divorce Mediation

I am a trained mediator serving Kenosha and Racine counties.

In mediation, the divorcing spouses meet with a trained and neutral facilitator who helps them reach a mutually beneficial agreement. To increase communication between the spouses, the parties usually meet without their lawyers at my office location in Kenosha.

Mediation is billed hourly.  My rates are available by request.  The parties share the expense equally.

Mediation is beneficial for several reasons.  It is healthier for your children, in that it keeps your divorce civil and out of the courts, with their parents deciding what their lives will look like in the future as a family instead of the courts making those decisions for you.  It is less costly than litigating an issue and the parties share the expense.  In most cases, the lawyers are removed from the process allowing you and your spouse to communicate openly with a neutral party present, but without pressures from counsel.  Usually a mediation is a one-day meeting to resolve an issue or several issues, and I do not allow my meditations to go beyond four hours, and not more than an hour without a break.  Mediation takes place in a comfortable setting and you are free to use facilities, refresh yourself, take breaks, and snack – all things you are not allowed to do or limited in doing in a heated and litigated courtroom setting.  Typically, you can resolve major issues in one day or over a couple of days, as opposed to months or even years of litigating.


In cases where I am not serving as the mediator, I encourage my clients to consider mediation to resolve conflicts that arise before pursuing litigation.  It can cost thousands of dollars to litigate one issue.  I can refer you to a mediator if you need one, and I am happy to serve as a mediator in cases where I am not serving as counsel.

I am happy to meet with my clients to prepare them for mediation, and usually do, prior to a scheduled mediation session.

Many of my clients have resolved child custody and placement disputes, as well as other issues, through mediation.