Collaborating for Your Family’s Future




I’m Dana Boyle — a family and divorce lawyer rated by Super Lawyers, a certified Life Coach, a foodie, a gourmet cook, a writer, a home-maker, a gardener, a bliss-maker and teacher who will help you feed your relationships, your soul, and your life.

I know a thing or two about nourishing the things we value most sacredly.

I help people who’ve lost that connection – to themselves, to those they love most, and to all that makes them feel whole.

It’s a little of bit of personal-growth tossed together with a little bit of cooking up deliciousness in the kitchen and a little bit of teaching self-care and connection – connection back to ourselves, our values and our most sacred relationships, by feeding all three exactly what they most need.

I show heart-centered people how to improve the relationships they’re in (including the most important one:  with themselves), build relationships that they crave, and end relationships that no longer serve them – making room for all the bliss that they deserve, and renewing their own energy for the people and things they love most.

I teach people to cook (figuratively and literally) nourishing and tantalizing meals for themselves and their bodies, to romance the one they love, and to bring their families to the table together – real meals that connect them back to the earth, their bodies, and the people they love most – and nourishing and tantalizing lives replete with careers, hobbies and relationships that feed their souls.

I write, speak and teach about deepening our connections with others, with ourselves, and with the things that bring us passion so that we can savor our lives, and stop living like strung-out hamsters on a wheel.

I personally mix the ingredients of my life together in unusual ways: taking a coaching call right after folding a load of laundry, tidying the house after my morning ritual or walk, or writing up divorce papers for a client in between weeding my garden and making a delicious meal to share with my husband.  I paint.  I write.  I love my friends.  I do what brings me joy.  I have designed a life that nourishes my soul and piques all of my senses.

How can I help you do the same?

 Are you ready to connect more deeply to all that you hold sacred?



Contact me:  262-412-0806