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In 2013, I’m launching a new, FREE group for those who want to return home.  I love helping women in business who have lost who they really are and the time to do what brings them joy in life.  Early in my career, I was lost.  I was on the proverbial hamster wheel and I didn’t have time to enjoy life.  I ate crappy foods, I rushed through everything, I didn’t have time for family or friends or those important special moments, and I certainly wasn’t connected to the things I hold sacred.

When I lost my job in 2009, I received a gift.  The gift was an opportunity to return home – to get back to eating real food, to enjoy cooking meals and savoring them with those I love, to organize and clean my home and to decorate it in a way that brings me peace, to dig my hands into soil and plant beauty in nature, to write from my soul, to move my body, to walk in nature and spend time there, enjoying sunny days, to pay attention to my body and its health and wisdom, to spend time with important people in my life, to follow what gives me joy, and to create a business that honors my values  and allows me to serve with the gifts I was given.

When I’m in the kitchen and my fingers are touching fresh ingredients, mixing them together, cooking and creating a delicious meal from the abundance that I have around me to share with those who are most important to me, that’s where I meet God.

My life is very good these days.  I love what surrounds me.  I love what I do.  I love the people in my life.  I love the abundance of fresh, beautiful food that I get to cook and share with my husband.  I love that I don’t have to hide who I am, and that I get to share in ways that empower and inspire me.

What I have is so delicious, and I’ve become so good at creating it that I know I can help you do it too.

If you’re stuck in commute and then 9-5 and then commute hell, grabbing food from the drive thru window, barely having time to connect with those who are important to you – much less with yourself, you’ll want to sign up and join Returning Home with me.

Here are the details:

What:  A free group led by Dana, to help you return home.

Where:  Online and on the phone.

When:  Once a month calls, daily forum, scattered tips, treats and bonuses.

Why:  Because I want you to connect back to who you are, to thrive in your relationships with others and with yourself, and to have time to do what I call meeting God the way that you do it as often as you can.  I want you to return to what’s sacred to you.

Who:  Me and You, if it resonates with you.

Cost:  It’s FREE

You’ll have access to the online forum, the dial-in info for the monthly calls, and any bonuses or treats that I decide to offer to the group.  Launching February 26, 2013, with the first monthly call.  Enrollment is rolling, so you can join any time.

Email me at for an easy application to the group.