Winning the Love Lottery


Winning the Love Lottery

It’s Not Just a Game of Chance


Facilitator: Dana Boyle

Relationship Coach and Lawyer




A tried and true way to put away the games, put on your big girl pants

and attract your ideal mate, once and for all.



Do you ever think, “All the good ones are taken?”  Does it feel like you have to settle or be lonely?  Are you out of ideas about where to meet people?  Tired of sitting through bad first dates?  Ever found yourself two or three years into a relationship with someone you don’t even like or have that much in common with?  Unsure why they all seem to want to play games?

In 2006, I left a toxic relationship that I had been in for five years.  I finally was fed up enough to make the break-up stick.  I was over it, and ready to figure out how not to ever end up in a situation like that again.  I also decided that my next serious relationship would be with my husband.

I was on a mission.

So, what I did was gather resources about healthy relationships, dating, boundaries, breaking up, and anything else I could find that might teach me how to better navigate the dating scene, how to handle bad dates and relationships gone bad, and how to truly define what it is I have to offer and what I want in a mate.  I read about how to recognize red flags, how to break up with people, how to know someone is the one, how to know a guy isn’t into me – and fast, you name it, and I began to experiment with the things I was learning.

As I ventured out on dates again, I put some of the practices I was learning into play to see how they worked for me.  To my surprise, while I still had some humdinger dates, it became easier for me to deal with bad dates and move on quickly to the next date in hopes it would be better.  I learned not to make meaning of a bad date or to make it about me.  I got a whole new perspective on dating, and I also learned to focus differently on the opposite sex.

Little did I know I was creating a program that I can now say is tried and true.

Over the course of eight or so months of dating, I met David.  I knew right away that he was “the one.”  Still, I kept my new skills sharpened and didn’t change how I was doing anything.  The same rules and thoughts still applied.  We had a beautiful courtship for three years and then he asked me to marry him.  We got married October 16, 2010.

“This course should be a workbook and a book.  It’s a dating revolution!  It’s like a dating pocket pal, or a GPS when you move to a new city.  You can still navigate anywhere because you have the GPS to help you find your way.”  ~ Glenda Gill

Now I am offering the same opportunity to you: I call it “Winning the Love Lottery,” because that’s what it felt like to me.  The fee is so reasonable you won’t want to pass it up!  I mean, we’re talking about learning how to end the bad date scene and find your true love. The only thing that I ask of you (in addition to payment) is a commitment of 3 months of total immersion into the program, putting it into practice and doing the work to get yourself on track.

This dating mindset makeover course, including three classes in each of the four parts of the series will help you bring your best self to the table, and give you the tools to understand:

Part 1:  Who Are You Putting Out There?

  1. Recognize and appreciate what you bring to the dating table
  2. Articulate why you would love to date you
  3. Build dating confidence

Part 2:  What Are Your Boundaries?

  1. Identify your deal-breakers and red-flags
  2. Create a rule book that clearly sets forth how you will navigate dates
  3. Give yourself permission to say, “Next!” when you know you deserve better

Part 3:  Who Are You Attracting?

  1. Tune in to and honor your unique relationship needs
  2. Paint a picture of your ideal mate, inside and out, so you’ll recognize them when you see them
  3. Learn to utilize every dating experience to get clearer about what you want in a mate

Part 4:  What Are You Experiencing?

  1. Become what you are wanting to attract
  2. Learn to enjoy the journey and the view as you travel to your destination
  3. Transform your dating experience from the inside out

How wonderful would it be to take something positive away from every single date you go on from now on?   How great would it be to feel yourself getting closer and closer to finding the right person for you, for once and for all?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have confidence and feel worthy of the love you crave?  And how about having a supportive community of up to 6 others who are learning and doing the same thing you are, with the intention of finding true love, holding each other’s vision and helping each other stay on track?  Wouldn’t you love to learn this from a dedicated coach who has actually been through exactly what you’re going through and knows the pitfalls, challenges and rewards of the process and can attest to the results for you immediately?

Yes? Then keep on reading…

Here is what you get in each section of the 4-part series:

  • Group Coaching Class
    (12) weekly 90 minute group coaching calls
  • Pre-work to help you get clear on why you’re here
  • Email support as needed
  • A private group forum to share with and support your classmates
  • The support and collective intention of a group of 6 like-minded people
  • Resources and worksheets every week
  • Homework and real-life experience that will help you grow
  • Recordings of all the calls in case you can’t make them all live


Series Investment:  $297 


Limited to 6 participants per class in the series

To register email

Registration is currently closed.  Stay tuned!  Soon this will be offered as an e-book.