Growing up, my mom was a cook.  My grandmother was a cook.  My great-grandmother was a cook.  There was no way I wasn’t going to be a cook.  The truth is, I couldn’t wait to cook and my many female relatives encouraged me to do so.  My great-grandma rolled up my sleeves, put a smock on me and let me get my hands dirty making meatballs, soups and cookies.  My grandma bought a special red stool for me to step up on so I could reach the counter in her kitchen and help her cook from three years old.  Every day when I came home from school I could already smell what was for dinner as I opened the front door and unloaded my backpack.

Family meals were central to our home and family, and they were central to every extended family get-together and holiday.  We couldn’t go to our great-grandmas without eating something or she’d feel she hadn’t done her job, even if we were just stopping in for a minute.  Our parents listened to us over the dinner table.  While we ate the delicious meals my mom cooked, we shared what happened at school, what was troubling us, what we were excited about, and we always lingered at the table far after we finished eating.  It was a special time when we had a captive audience and could bring up anything we wanted to talk about and be heard.  It didn’t hurt that the food was good!

As I became a teenager I started helping my mom out by making some meals to give her a break here and there.  I had fun experimenting and learning how to follow recipes, or having her show me how to make things she always made.  I loved cooking, and I was good at it.  My relatives encouraged me to open a restaurant, but I had other plans.  If I knew then what I know now, I might have made cooking my main focus in life.

It comes as no surprise to me that in my own family I make meals important.  My father-in-law tells the story that I figured out that the way to David’s heart was with food and I had him.  I think it’s just something we had in common that we both enjoy, both because we love good food and because we love connecting with each other and with people we love while sharing a nice meal.  It’s true that when we dated I made gourmet meals for David almost every time he came to my house, and often at his house.  He also took me out for dinner to fun and tasty places all the time.  We continue to make all of our meals important both for their nourishing value to our bodies, and for the nourishment they provide to our spirits and to our relationship.

Teach your children in the way you want them to go and they will not deviate from it.  In this case, it’s true.  My parents preached to us and to other family members and friends the importance of sharing meals with your spouse and children.  It’s central to staying connected, knowing what each person is dealing with or going through, sharing gratitude, and providing support and encouragement as well as a good laugh or smile every day.

It is my intention to incorporate cooking into my business just like it is important to my life, because I believe:

  • It’s important to remember what you love to do and do it every day
  • I walk my talk and give myself that outlet
  • Meals that are made with love enrich our bodies and our connections with those we love
  • Cooking together can provide a neat opportunity for families and couples to bond on another level by working as a team
  • Helping others to cook and share meals with their families will give them more than just a few good recipes
  • Cooking and passing down recipes from generation to generation keeps our family ties strong and reminds us where we came from
  • And it also helps those we love to understand where we come from if their background is different

I offer cooking blog posts to give my readers some recipes and techniques to try or to inspire them.

You can take cooking classes or view cooking videos with me if you’re looking to learn or improve your own cooking skills or recipe list.

I used to have a cooking blog dedicated exclusively to my cooking adventures, but I believe it can add value right here, where my mission is to help you create and nurture the relationships that are most important to you.

Check out my latest Cook.Love.Eat. courses and offerings if you’re interested in bringing a little love into your own kitchen.