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Divorce is one of the most significant life transitions that will affect your family.  A critical choice for any couple contemplating divorce is the choice of the process they will use to move through that transition.  Their decision will profoundly affect the financial and emotional costs of divorce and the family’s ability to crate a constructive plan for the future that addresses the needs of each family member and the family as a whole.  You may read through the other divorce pages on my site to learn more about the types of divorce process you can choose from, or you can set up a consultation with me by calling 262-412-0806.

My mission is to help you find the kindness in divorce.  Sometimes there is no kindness to be found between you and your spouse but, even in that case, my mission is to help you find the greatest kindness for you, for your children, and for all involved in resolving your divorce and helping you move on with your life while advocating for you in a setting that keeps your family out of court, keeps your matters between you and your spouse, and focuses on creating your new normal.


The primary focus of my practice is to provide my clients with the highest quality professional services available for respectful resolution of their family law issues in Kenosha and Racine counties.  Therefore, my practice is primarily focused on the collaborative divorce and mediation process, both of which keep divorcing families out of the court system.  Mediation and collaborative divorce are balanced, positive and productive alternatives to litigation.  I support my clients in the creation of a more hopeful future for themselves and their families by helping them preserve their self-esteem and by giving top priority to the needs of their children.  Mediation and collaborative divorce give a divorcing couple the control to create a final agreement that they choose in an atmosphere that fosters respectful and open communication and creative problem solving.



Dana is very open-minded in her judgment and critical thinking.  She has a wonderful balance of social versus personal intelligence.  She is diplomatic, conscientious and sincere in her dealings with clients and with opposing parties.  She knows when to interject her sense of humor to ease tension in a situation.  When I was Dana’s client I felt heard and understood, especially because she’s good at asking for clarification, restating things to make sure they are clarified, and being patient and thorough when important decisions are called for.  I always felt as if Dana genuinely liked how she was spending her time when she worked with me.  I was immediately comfortable working with her, mainly because Dana shared my view of divorce and family values, and because she made it clear that she was on my team.

~Jamie, Divorce Client


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